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Welcome Wendy Edwards!

22 Dec 2015 posted by:


I am excited to welcome Wendy Edwards who has commenced with us on a contract to project manage our ACAR 15/16 preparations and implementation.

Our ACAR 2015 Tender gives us the immediate need to plan for implementation of what I hope will be a successful ACAR result. A decision was reached by the Board last financial year to apply for more packages not just across Tasmania but in South Australia and Victoria also. In order to increase the viability of our Home Care program, we need to plan to increase the overall number of our packages as a company to more than 200. Both of these states (SA and VIC) were identified as a good ‘first step’ for expansion because they are our closest ‘neighbouring’ states to us in Tasmania. The announcement is expected in March 2016, so stay tuned.

Huge congratulations to Wendy who was not only available for this part time role, but is also extremely accomplished as a project manager because of her broad background. Wendy is a senior registered nurse with high level experience in leading significant operations in the home and community care sector.

Whether or not our ACAR efforts prove successful we will also be leveraging all of Wendy’s initial preparations into refining and maximising the value for clients in our home care packages program model, in order to prepare more fully to attract consumer choice in light of the upcoming February 2017 changes.

So if you have any suggestions for our home care program, please let us know; we want to keep improving. You can email feedback@careforward.com.au or call us and ask to speak to Wendy or our Quality Manager, Marianne Fisher.




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