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Introducing Care Consultancy

26 Jun 2015 posted by:

Care Consultancy is a local! Native to Tasmania, we have been serving care and health providers since 1999, enabling more and more small businesses to develop and grow.

Care Consultancy is a separate division and trading arm of Care Assessment Consultants Pty Ltd, operating the central management and administrative functions of the company for its Care Assess and Care Forward businesses.

Care Consultancy also offers its key resources and assets to provide corporate support and services to external organisations and sole traders in order to help other small to medium businesses improve, grow, and increase in efficiency and effectiveness.

Through the provision of its key personnel, human resources, facilities, products and resources, Care Consultancy leverages its significant experience, skills, systems, processes and tools in order to serve and benefit other like-minded organisations and individuals.

Care Consultancy offers casual, on-hire provision of its consultants under fee-for-service (user pays) arrangements, as well hire of key facilities or sale of the key resources and assets which it has developed, tested, refined and demonstrated.

Care Consultancy

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