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Development – get help to grow? (Care Consultancy)

26 Jun 2015 posted by:

Care Consultancy is a specialist in the provision of business development and development services that will help small to medium Tasmanian businesses to grow.

Care Consultancy provides writing services including editing, tender development, drafting, copyrighting, as well as marketing and advertising development services including design to put your organisation on the front foot and get in front of the pack.

Care Consultancy’s services are efficient; we offer value for money by offering more affordable and reduced rates to ensure Tasmanian SMEs (small to medium enterprises) can compete and stay on top of your market to better communicate and sell you product more effectively to your customer audience.

Care Consultancy also offers training and development services, including workplace trainers from our leading health and care consultants who specialise in wellbeing, wellness, enablement and reablement, restorative care and home healthcare programs and services. They can get your workplace and workforce developing and trained in home health and community care best practice.

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