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‘At Cost’ Prices on Quality Digital Printing

22 Dec 2015 posted by:

Get higher quality digital printing “at cost” prices!!!


Do you know anyone or are you yourself involved in a non-profit or charitable organisation, which could benefit from this opportunity?

Care Consultancy is providing its full scale digital printing solution for commercial production, and is now offering printing solutions at cost prices for non-for-profit and charitable organisations across Tasmania.

As good as any digital printing solution available anywhere in Tasmania (but for a fraction of the price!) this is one example of how we can share services, and so help one another as providers.

Care Consultancy is leveraging this along with a wide range of existing corporate capacity in order to help other small to medium providers improve, grow, and increase in efficiency and effectiveness.

For further details, including a solution brief and pricing structure, please email us at info@careconsultancy.com.au


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