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Improving your Health at Home - 10 Steps on your Journey to Better Wellbeing

Improving your Health at Home by Care Forward could make all the difference to someone you know!

If you or your family member, neighbour or friend is:

1. Losing independence at home?

2. Using multiple services or care providers?

3. Suffering chronic health conditions?

4. Dealing with complex health conditions?

5. In a time of crisis?

6. Going to hospital for a procedure or operation?

7. Lacking support when coming home from hospital?

8. Risking losing independence after illness or injury?

9. Considering long-term residential care?

10. Facing end of life choices?

…This FREE Guide will provide some needed help!

Title: Improving your Health at Home

Subtitle: 10 Steps on your Journey to Better Wellbeing

Document length: 28 pages

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Client stories

  • “I felt frustrated before. I really feel better now that I am moving forward. I’m working toward being able to do more for myself.”
  • “I had been having difficulties doing my housework, but I still wanted to do some of it myself. Now my support worker and I do it together. We have a chat while we are working and she does the things I can’t do.”
  •  “I had been really struggling with washing and dressing myself since my stroke, and my support worker was doing more and more for me. Now I am gradually doing a little bit more for myself each time they come in. I know I am always going to need some help, but now I can do a few things myself again.”

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